Cosmo Nero

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The contrast between light and shadow, the appearance and disappearance of lines and shapes as echoes to profound metaphorical meanings, are the means by who develop a photographic investigation on the representation of nature conceived through its darkest and uncontrollable power.

In Cosmo Nero (Black Cosmos) series, the landscape is subtracted from the stereotyped brightness of daylight to recompose itself into a dark narration in which reality is lost and nature become obscure and indeterminate.

Flowers, trees, meadows and hills lose their edges and disappear into a dark background.

Every photographs have the form of fragments cut from reality, vegetal things are combined in a dynamic visual spectacle where the main subject are such natural processes of growth and decomposition.
Through its continuous movements and processes, the cosmos reveals itself as a dark scenario of existence, as a black backdrop that express the beauty and the impermanence of human life.

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cosmo nero herb
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cosmo nero book