Herbarium Mortis

herbarium mortis book

Modern interpretation of ancient herbaria, the Herbarium Mortis series inquires into the impermanence of material reality and the transience of life itself. The Artist gathers, isolated and displays fragments of nature, in varying states of decay. Subsequently the natural elements are arranged in various configurations in front of light sensitive paper exposed directly to light by creating a series of herbal photograms.
Like evanescent creatures, they are suspended against a black background, appearing as ghostly or shadowy figures morph and meld together to generate a cryptic, unsettling tone around the edges of the paper.

The organic materials transformed by passage of time, are a testimony of the idea that in reality phenomena and processes are more complex than rational explanations.
The lushness of the flowers and plants is not entirely lost, but one can sense life waning in each.
The photograms operate as memento mori: a visual reminder of the cycle of life and death. Every fragments can be read as both an homage to the beauty of nature and a warning of its fragility.
Nature reabsorbs and transforms everything in a perpetual process, season after season.

herbarium mortis leaf
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herbarium mortis leaf
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herbarium mortis book
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